These Are 10 Most Popular CMS Frameworks of All Time

CMS, Content Management System is web software which allows you to edit, publish and modify the contents and designs easily. Every CMS  features a easy admin panel, a dashboard to update the contents and modify the system. There are already 100s of such CMS in the market, most of them are open-source.

List of  10 Most Popular CMS Frameworks of All Time


When it comes to popularity, WordPress is indomitable and this can be attributed to its easy to use features and functionalities. Not only is it easy-to-install, you also have a wide selection of themes and free plug-ins to choose from. It also auto-updates itself, therefore you need not worry about keeping it updated.


Joomla is a very popular CMS, which is highly customizable and can be great for any purpose. It offers thousands of free designs and extensions for its user. Besides, the admin panel is so straight forward that you won’t have any difficulty handling your website with this CMS.


This is another free and open source Content Management System that can be a great choice if you are planning to create your first website. It’s a hot favourite for both personal as well as enterprise websites as it offers a lot of functionality with the number of modules it has.


Built specially for Microsoft powered websites, this simple yet powerful CMS framework allows you to create and manage rich content with an interface that is intuitive and very accessible.


This is another great CMS application which however, will require some amount of coding knowledge to use it. This CMS is excellent for all those who know to make their own scripts but do not want to create their website from scratch. Besides allowing you to use several styles for a single web page, to letting you load pages much faster; ModX is a great CMS to have for site owners.


This free and open-source CMS is for ASP.Net, and it is unique in its own space. A paid version is also available for its different services and is known to help make content management seamless.


This JSP is a comprehensive enterprise content management solution, which surprisingly is easy to install. One of the most beneficial features of Alfresco is its ability to drop files into folders and turn them into web documents. However, this CMS might not be the right one to start with if you are a beginner; so also it is excellent as an enterprise solution but not for building simple websites.


The USP of this CMS is that unlike WordPress, which is solely the CMS for blogging; SilverStripe is dedicated only to content management. Also, it has been created with its own framework – Saphire that makes it all the more unique and also has its own language for template creation that helps with the process of designing.


This is an enterprise-level open source Java Web Content Management System and UXP, designed to deliver responsive, engaging, multi-channel content that drives your online business in real-time. dotCMS lets you deliver targeted and relevant content that facilitates increased online conversions.

Cushy CMS

This CMS offers all the basic functions of a CMS but still manages to stay unique. It is a hosted solution and doesn’t have a specific language. Moreover, it takes your info on FTP and uploads the content to the server where the developer (by simply changing its style) can then modify its layout and its backend.

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